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I’m Hari Ponniah, Co-Founder & CEO of AHA Health. I like to thank you for visiting our website, the gateway to better health. Living with Type 2 Diabetes very early-on in my life inspired me to establish AHA, Advanced Health Analytics. I strongly believe that technology can empower Doctors and their Patients identify the risk, prevent and manage long-term illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension and take ownership of their own health & wellness before its too late!

AHA Health is an intelligent platform that helps you to collect personal health data, analyse it in real-time using clinically validated algorithms and let you know of any health risks so that you can seek Doctor’s advice for a proactive and preventative treatment.

AHA Health Android App is ready for you download and start using it. Please start recoding your personal health data. AHA Health Platform gets better in identifying health risks when it has more data about you. Its FREE to use and I personally PROMISE you that without your consent we will never share your data.

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